Friday, June 12, 2009


I LOVE these handy little video cameras. While visiting my brother's family this week, I had an opportunity to fiddle around with his. I will say that when I first laid eyes on it I was quite skeptical. But, my oh my, I have been proven wrong.
The quality of video is fabulous! The ease of use- well, let's just say that if I can use it anyone can.

And look at all the terribly cute colors it comes in!!

So, here's the deal. We hope to be giving away one of the jewels soon. Yes, you heard me right- AND the winner may even to pick the print of his/her choice. There must be close to 576 choices!! We need to raise funds QUICKLY and hope to host a giveaway for some fantabulous items right here on this cute little blog. Well, maybe the blog isn't so cute but the girl it's all about sure is!
What do I need from you? Your thoughts. Check out the Flip Video site. I can't tell you how super cool they are. Oh, and I almost forgot- you see how small they look? They are that small (only 3.3 ounces!), but not so small that they are hard to use! I'd say around 4-5 inches by 2-3 inches. But I could be wrong.

Have a blessed weekend! And again, thanks for praying for our girl!
In Him,

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