Friday, June 12, 2009


Okay, technically savy people- I need help! Don't laugh. I would love for this to be Ruslana's button, but....I don't know how to do it! Oh, and ignore the 2nd and
3rd pictures- they were examples and I have no idea how to get them off of here.

I'm thanking you ahead of time. Also, I'm working on a short version of our story- the blog would be almost 13 pages long if I wrote the long version!
In Him,


  1. We can't see the pictures :-( It says it is a private scrapblog and we need an invite.

  2. I am not an invited viewer, so I can't see what you've got going on here. But, I made a button for Ruslana when we were actually considering adopting her! We are hoping to adopt Olive,and when her country temporarily closed down we were thinking about adopting Ruslana. When Olive's country started back up, we continued to advocate for her on our blogs - and we're so glad you're adopting her! I made a button for her at one point. It's with the newer picture though. If you want it - you can either let me know or you can go to my blog, and click buttons and blogs on the upper left hand. :) I'd have to change the Html to have it go to your blog instead of the atriskgirls, but that's easy :)